Shopping with a stylist: 6 steps to creating your own style system

In an article on the burning topic “shopping with a stylist” I described the philosophy of the process, today I will talk about the mechanics. It seems to many that the stylist imposes his opinion, tries to remake the client, stuffing with trends and fashionable novelties. This is not the case, a professional will always build on the individuality of his client. The “style system” that I propose is designed to precisely identify the characteristics and needs of different people and select for them what suits them the most. The job of a personal stylist is not just a shopping trip. In fact, shopping is only a small part of the whole process. Let’s try to figure out what it consists of. 

The first step: understanding yourself

It’s worth starting with defining the goals that we want to achieve by changing the external image. At this point, the supervision of a professional may already be needed. I start each new project with an interview about the client’s personal interests, leisure time, musical and film preferences. It is important for me to understand why a person needs my services? Leading questions help to understand. What kind of life do you lead? How has your style changed over the years? What exactly does not suit you?

Second step: wardrobe parsing

There are often riddles, warehouses of clothes that are not used, incomprehensible things that “were thrown to us”, and a complete lack of free space. This step plays an important role in creating your own system, but since today we are talking about purchases, we move on.

Third step: photo session

When dismantling cabinets yourself or with a stylist, take a photo of what you have there. The system arises when you have all things combined with each other, and photos of all possible sets are in the folder that you open, thinking about what to wear. 

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