How to identify the ideal husband: 10 rules of a gentleman

The ideal man is not a guy two meters at the withers and the owner of all the abs. The ideal guy is the one who will not quit during a difficult period of life, the one who will be kind and polite, in general, the ideal guy is a real gentleman. And who knows more about gentlemen? The British, of course. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rules of a real gentleman compiled by them, and then slightly correct your tactics of finding a future husband.

1. A true gentleman always keeps his word.

2. A gentleman always repays debts, and even better – does not borrow money at all.

3. A gentleman will never allow himself to use bad language in the presence of a lady.

4. A real gentleman always gets up when a lady or a stranger enters the room.

5. A gentleman does not brag about his success.

6. Before lighting a cigarette, the gentleman will definitely ask the lady’s permission.

7. A real gentleman will never go out unshaven, even if he only needs to go for bread.

8. A gentleman should be able to butcher meat, understand wines and ports.

9. A gentleman will never make a lady to frank compliment, will not tell her obscene anecdotes and about his sexual adventures.

10. A real gentleman knows how to tie a bow tie and dance the waltz, and in his wardrobe, there is at least one tuxedo.

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