7 signs your relationship is over

You live in the past

The past should be pleasant memories, not a reason why you cannot move on. If, instead of enjoying every moment of the present, you go through the joyful events of last summer, the first year of your relationship, your New Year’s trip and further down the list, then this is a sure sign that the end has already come. You just need to find the strength to break the already not very strong connection of the past.

Relationships are painful

Every little thing annoys you, infuriates how he looks, how he behaves in public, you walk eternally tense and tired, you are burdened by communication and in your thoughts only at least one day without him. Why are you still together? Does the past hold you back? See the previous point.

You hope that he will change

The truth is that when you love, you don’t want to change your partner, he suits you as he is – in a tracksuit, a ridiculous haircut, and a small tummy. In any other case, one can only talk about faded feelings and the need to leave.

He hurts

Eternal insults, reproaches, misunderstandings, humiliations in front of friends – this is how you want to spend your whole life? We do not believe that there is not a drop of your own dignity left in you to at least fight back, and at best, pack your things and make your life happy.

Only one is invested in a relationship

A couple is two people, which means that both must build the future and the present. If one of you, for some reason, does not participate in the relationship, but only accepts the efforts of the other as given, think – something is wrong here.

You are not developing

It happens that the relationship absorbs so much that there is not enough time for oneself. You are together all the time and instead of “I” there is only “we” now. There is a feeling of control and inability to do oneself and favorite things. You seem to be standing still and not moving anywhere.

Feelings are not the same

There is no desire to see him as soon as possible, you no longer get bored during a long separation, moreover, in principle, you do not want to see him. You are satisfied with rare meetings, and dreams of a joint future are no longer occupied with thoughts. Feelings are gone, and with them, you must go.

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