5 best books to while away the evening

Possible Life is a novel by the British master of modern prose Sebastian Faulkes, author of the bestselling The Birds Sang. At first glance, it seems that the book consists of five independent stories, telling about five different destinies. The action takes place at different times, on different continents, but all of them are subtly brought together. Joining the fighters of the French Resistance, the English philologist Jeff Talbot does not know that the hell of a German concentration camp awaits him. Billy, a ragamuffin in London, finds himself in a Victorian workhouse, but then “knocks out”. 

At the end of the 21st century, the Italian neurologist Elena Duranty makes a discovery on a global scale, proving that the human “I” is of a physical nature. The dark peasant Jeanne from the French countryside and in the Napoleonic era lives in captivity of medieval prejudices. Brilliant Anya King, author, and performer of folk songs make a splash in America in the 1960s … But where did Elena get the Madonna statuette that belonged to Jeanne? What is this mysterious source from which Anna draws her piercing images? And in what mysterious ways does her lover, rock guitarist Jack, end up in an old Victorian workhouse?

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This sensational detective story has sold millions of copies around the world and has been translated into 44 languages, and DreamWorks is already preparing to film it.

Every day on the way to London, Rachel takes the suburban train, and every day the train stops in front of the same house. It is home to a married couple that Rachel seems to be perfect. She sees them on the porch so often that she begins to feel as if she knows them. She even gave them fake names: Jess and Jason. But one day she sees something shocking in the train window, and the perfect picture crumbles forever. The next day, an advertisement appears in the newspapers that Jess is missing. Rachel suspects that only she can help the police investigation.

One Evening in Paris by Nicolas Barrot

A novel from the bestselling author “You Will Find Me at the End of the World.” Alain Bonnard, an incorrigible romantic and idealist, owns a small cinema “Cinema Paradise” in Paris. There are no Hollywood blockbusters or popcorn – they show films for a small circle of patrons and have a nostalgic atmosphere of old cinema. Every Wednesday, a sweet girl in a red coat named Melanie comes to the theater and always sits in the seventeenth row. One day Alain gathers up courage, invites her to dinner, and … falls in love with her without memory. A few days later, Alena’s life changes abruptly, he is captured by a crazy maelstrom of events that happen only in the cinema. All this could be a wonderful gift of fate, if not for the disappearance of Melanie.

Central Park, Guillaume Musso

Central Park is an action-packed novel by one of the most popular writers in modern France. In the first three days after the book’s release, 75,000 copies were sold!

New York, Central Park. Alice woke up on a bench and found herself handcuffed with a stranger. It turns out that the stranger is a jazz musician. Neither he nor she understands how they ended up in such an extravagant situation.

Perhaps this is due to the profession of Alice – she is a policeman and a couple of years ago she was investigating the case of serial killer Eric Vogue. Is Vogue alive and taking revenge on her in this way? There are more questions than answers. But Alice is sure that she can unravel this tangle. And by the way, it would be nice to find out who her new acquaintance is – something tells Alice that this is a dark horse.

How to Turn Down a Handsome Man by Helen Fielding

The tireless Bridget Jones has been replaced by a new character – Olivia Joules. She is beautiful and confident in herself, but she constantly finds herself in desperate situations. Olivia is convinced that while she is writing essays on fashion, her talent is wasted, because she is able to conduct a real journalistic investigation. Alas, her colleagues do not really believe in her strength. 

And Olivia’s rich imagination is to blame! Going to another social party, she meets a handsome Frenchman Pierre Ferramo, a producer who falls in love with her at first sight. This acquaintance could be the beginning of a romantic story, but intuition tells the journalist that Pierre is not at all who he claims to be. Olivia intends to solve this mystery, and what will come of it, even British intelligence does not know. Beware the world, Olivia is about to save you!

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